मेचिनगर नगरपालिकाको संक्षिप्‍त परिचय

Mechinagar is a municipality in Jhapa District,Mechi zone,Nepal and is main entry point fron India on Nepal's  Eastern border.Nepal's custom office is in Kakarvitta, a section of the municipality.

Mechinagar municipality was created in 1998(2053 BS) by combining Kakarvitta and Dhulabari VDC's.It is also known as Gateway of Eastern Nepal.Muncipality is also the Eastern Nepal's major Insudtrial and Commercial Center.The total coverage area of the Municipality is 192 Sq.Km. and is 100 meter above the water level.According to the Census 2068,the total population of Mechinagar Municipality is 57545 with 29957 Female and 27588 Male population.Having total housing unit of 13181,its main commercial center are Dhulabari,Ittabhatta and kakarvitta.                                                                                           

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