Brief Introduction

मेचिनगर नगरपालिकाको संक्षिप्‍त परिचय

Mechinagar Municipality was constituted in 1998 (2053 B.S.) by integrating the Kakarvitta and Dhulabari VDC's.The municipal head quarter is at Ittabhatta,National highway leading to Kakarvitta.This Municipality is situated on the eastern border of the "Mechi" zone of Nepal.Hence,its name came from Mechi River.Its geographical area is a strip of narrow tract of level alluvial terrain.Altitude of this municiplaity is approximately 300 ft above sea level.Mechinagar is the main gateway to East Nepal,known as Kakarvitta.

Historically,Mechinagar municipality is multi ethic municipal with diverse language,religions and cultural traditions.Inspite of the clear diversity in ethnic/caste composition of Mechinagar's population,the 2009 social survey demostrates that nearly 90%of the total population belogs to just 4 major groups.The hill Brahmin and Chhetri accounts 42%,Adhibasi and Janajati accounts 42% and Dalit 6% of the total population.Other smallest ethnic/caste groups altogether accounts 10% of municipal population.

Nepal is a multilingual,multi cultural and multi ethic country.The way of life,dress,language,socio-economic and cultural identities of the people are apparently different followed by geographical variation.Therefore,each group of people have their own identities.Theyhave their own cultural practice and other numerous characteristics.

Similarly,many indigenous ethnic group are living within the boundary of Mechinagar Municipality.These societies are sharing their common values,norms ans socio-economic common interest and acting collectively in an organaized manner to satisfy their prime needs through established organization and institutions.They have a sentiment of commom feeling and mutual interdependency between various ethnic groups of the society.

Political Boundary:

East: Mechi River (West Bengal-India)

West: Dhijan and Dhuwagadi VDC

North: Santinagar and Bhahundagi VDC

South: Jyamirgadi and Dhuwagadi VDC

Total Area:5467 Hector (54.67 Sq.Km.)